Board Chair Meeting

📅 October 18, 2012    👤
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board-chair Meeting History

Purpose of the Committee/Meeting

To create, through small meetings held on a regular basis, a direct line of communication between student representatives from all three schools and the Chair and Vice Chair of Cooper’s Board.


Present: Mark Epstein, Francois de Menil, Jamshed Bharucha, Lawrence Cacciatore, Casey Gollan (Art Student Council), Rachel Appel (Art Student Council), Mauricio Higuera (Student in School of Art), Che Perez (Architecture Student Council), Kristof Toth (Engineering Student Council)


Before our first meeting I collected some topics to discuss and asked a few people if they had questions I could throw out in addition to my own:


I’ve organized my notes from the meeting by topic of discussion:

Transparency and Communication


Value and Cash

Cooper’s Future

Where to go from here

There are a number of things I want to follow up on:

Our next meeting is scheduled for November 28th at 10am in the President’s Conference Room. In addition to Rachel and I, one non-student-council student body representative may attend but it hasn’t been decided yet how this person will be chosen. Get in touch if you’re interested! Please also let me know if you’d like clarification on any of these points or have questions/concerns you’d like me to bring to the Board.