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📅 October 26, 2012    👤
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Cooper doesn’t own the building or the land, but the right to lease the space

They’ve hired a broker to look into how much they could sell their right to lease the space for

The retail spaces lose money

According to TC the dorms don’t “break even”. They generate approx. $1.7 million in revenue and cost approx $700,000, netting $1 million.

Question to Investigate: Did we ever own the property the dorms/ bookstore is on? An Architect Faculty member believes we did at one point.

TC confirmed that the school is reserving 100 beds at a new dorm off Tompkins for $1 a bed, those rooms will be rented out at market to furture students

Other Stop-Gap funding measure includes getting access to restricted funds in the endowment

CDG has modeled the prospect of closing the school

Question to Investigate: Can we get details about the ways CDG modeled closing the school?

Revenue Generating Programs

Jamshed sent letter to deans around Aug. 28th asking them to propose plans to meet Revenue goals beginning 2018

This launched the full faculty into working on Masters, Post-Bac, Pre-College and other programs (non undergrad) that would generate $ for the school. They must meet $1.8 annually

There are labor issues here because Faculty contracts don’t stipulate Funding related work

Some programs are expected to charge $40-$45k per student per year

Arch will be instituting grad tuition in the range of $40k for 2014

Proposals are due Nov 15th

Saskia made a request to present the hard work of the faculty to the board herself, instead of having this information mitigated by Jamshed and TC. We believe this request has been denied

Question to Investigate: With Jamshed now being a voting Member of the Board, does that not present a conflict of interest?

Friends of Cooper

(Henrey Chapman came to speak about the group and their future plans)

They meet with Jamshed and the Board recently and afterward issued a letter to the trustees ellaborating on the Way Forward

Their main push is that cost should be cut more heavily

They don’t believe in responsibility centered management

They are trying to grow the group into a representative organization and include better relations with Students Faculty Alumni

Writing Center Funding

We are getting mixed messages about the Writing Center

The current statement is that students can work on any and all coursework in the WC, as long as they say it relates to a class.

Their hours were cut by 40 hours/ week

Casey suggested that they could have asked us to just be more aware of their limitations and try to focus our conversations rather than have these rules floating around about only humanities courswork / only coursework / only in one-time meetings

Question to Investigate: Has the WC looked into getting grant money?

Question to Investigate: Can graduates still use the WC ie for Fulbrights?

Question to Investigate: Was their an issue this semester with Fulbright organization?


It is extremely likely that there will be no techniques classes offered next semester in order to cut costs. Classes affected could include:

Saturday / Outreach

The director of Outreach has been asked to model the program as a $$ program. It is very likely that these two programs will be combined to form a pre-college $ program

Comp-lab printing

The computer labs are currently exploring how to implement charging students for prints, no decisions have been made yet but it seems likely it would only be to cover costs