Questions and Topics for February 22nd Student Body Meeting with Saskia Bos

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Condensed version:

  1. Security, what’s the deal with it? Do you know how much it’s costing the school? Why are they patrolling? There’s a rumor going around that they’ve been instructed to watch out for students gathering, have you heard about this?

  2. Let’s talk about the future and what we’re doing about it now: What efforts are being made to find ‘new’ solutions by the art school?

  3. How do the other deans feel about what’s going on with ED?

  4. What kinds of reactions are you seeing from JB and BOT? Can you tell us about your position in the situation, the kind of heat you’re taking that the student body doesn’t really hear about.

  5. How can students more effectively communicate with JB and trustees and vice versa? Will this alleviate anything for you?

  6. What is a successful action in your eyes? It feels like the art school is stuck in a reactionary/ defensive position and maybe we need to reconceptualize this; do you have any advice or suggestions for what this could look like?

  7. Let’s talk about Bloomberg.


  1. What’s with the security. can you tell us how much it’s costing. Why are they patrolling?

  2. Where to go from here?:
    • what efforts are being made to oppose and actively seek solutions? solutions to what? Are we still talking about the Art School, or are we talking about something different?
    • Conversation about how we can/ can we live within our means? (Walids point about $40m, and his school running on 10-12m)
    • What does it mean to ‘grow down’ & if this is effective, how do we go about doing so?

    • Can the Art School grow down without the other 2 schools?
    • Can we save ourselves separate from the others? From an alternate perspective, it seems as if the other two schools have already “saved themselves” as individual entities. What does this mean for the art school & our school as a whole?
  3. what kind of reactions she feels are coming from the administration how much heat she’s personally taking that we don’t know about How, if at all, she can convey that or create a process where those board/admin complaints are voiced to students so we can respond and not just to people like Day and Saskia bearing the brunt.– How can students more effectively communicate with trustees and vice versa? I’m tired to the board saying that Saskia doesnt have a “handle” of us or that if Day wasn’t picking the admissions the applicants wouldnt be writing these things.

  4. What a successful action/result would be in her eyes- I know she seemed happy with yesterday. But it feels like the art school is stuck in a reactionary/defensive position and it would be great to know if she thinks its possible to get out from under this and what it would look like

  5. How do we turn Bloomberg, as commencement speaker, into a positive platform? Can Bloomberg help us save Cooper?