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okey doke, ##EOYS IDEAS! What is your vision for this year’s End of the Year show? We need to plan it now. How can we have a show as interesting as last year without doing a repeat In a meeting, faculty suggested that one structure, perhaps, could be ‘teams’ of students with faculty advisors setting up different parts of the building(s).

This is our opportunity to show the community outside of Cooper what we do at Cooper: teach, make art, build community….?

What do you want to see? What do you want to do?

This will all be condensed into a more legible format later, but for now we’ll just add everything


ASC is going to have a meeting this week (hopefully) w/ student body to talk about these things.

logistical Qs:


“Classroom teaching is a physical, breath-based, eye-to-eye event. It is not built on equipment or the past. It is not concerned about the future. It is in existence to go out of existence. It happens and then it vanishes. Classroom teaching is our gift. It’s us; it’s this.

We bring nothing into the classroom — perhaps a text or a specimen. We carry ourselves, and whatever we have to offer you is stored within our bodies. You bring nothing into the classroom — some gum, maybe a piece of paper and a pencil: nothing but yourselves, your breath, your bodies.

Classroom teaching produces nothing. At the end of a class, we all get up and walk out. It’s as if we were never there. There’s nothing to point to, no monument, no document of our existence together.

Classroom teaching expects nothing. There is no pecuniary relationship between teachers and students. Money changes hands, and people work very hard to keep it in circulation, but we have all agreed that it should not happen in the classroom. And there is no financial incentive structure built into classroom teaching because we get paid the same whether you learn anything or not.

Classroom teaching withholds nothing. I say to my young students every year, “I know how to add two numbers, but I’m not going to tell you.” And they laugh and shout, “No!” That’s so absurd, so unthinkable. What do I have that I would not give to you?”

Margaret Edson is doooope: http://www.smith.edu/events/commencement_speech2008.php