ASC Meeting 9.30.2013

📅 September 30, 2013    👤
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#ASC Meeting
Present: DeVonn, Hunter, Andy, Michael, Peter

-freshmen reps

##Meetings -Michael (none)
-Peter (none)
-Andy (curriculum)
-DeVonn (Student Affairs)
-Jakob (Admissions)–> have numbers in admissions been affected by admissions?

To Do:

  1. Need to follow up with Saskia meetings (monthly/biweekly?)
  2. JSC Meeting tomorrow Menschel Room (1pm to 2pm)
  3. Humanities meeting Oct. 15 Peter will attend if he gets enough signatures
  4. Art School Meeting (Thurs.,Oct. 10th, 6pm-8pm)
  5. Peter giving tour to Eng. Dean (when?)
  6. Art Faculty meeting (Tue., Oct. 8th, 10a.m.-11:30a.m.)
  7. Email Chris regarding settting meeting dates a month in advance
  8. Peter & DeVonn making event posters tomorrow.

###Freshman Reps -Freshman are wating to here back from Lisa Ng
-Need to organize and have better meeting culture before we ask someone to be responsible to ASC