Faculty Search Meeting

📅 February 10, 2019    👤
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faculty-search Meeting History

Faculty Search Committee Meeting


  1. Go around
  2. Reference to student activity on ASC in the 90s as “window-dressing”
  3. Will was adamant in engaging the student council
  4. 76 faculty and staff in the Soa. Should have 10. Has to do with people taking “packages” or leaves. Something not guaranteed “line”, that is given by admin.
    • Currently a cluster hire (more than one person).
    • Chaired by Will and Leslie
    • Goal is to uphold the mission of the school (what is the mission?) “we can’t go outside the structure. Can’t go beyond mission of the school.
    • New positions a combo of student interest and holes made by leaving faculty. Language voted by search committee. *Call went out via E-flux, Cooper Website, CAA (College Art Association).
    • Applications remain open until positions are filled.
  5. Mission of the school “not decided by the body”, Leslie doesn’t believe in one person engaging change in the structure of the school. Facilities are a matter as well.
    • A move by students could be to push governance, the board could allocate funding for things.
  6. No extra compensation given to chairs. Will and Leslie co-chaired because of occupations of other full-time.
  7. Some international applicants, “not a lot”.
  8. Why not float up adjuncts who have been here for a long time
    • “Because that’s not the only full-time faculty”
    • Search an opportunity to bring outside voices in.
    • Working at Cooper adds to competition.
  9. Make structural change and not a one-off exchange by including students
    • Can’t let students see materials because applicants didn’t consent to it
    • “Giving culture” by students who ask and expect things - Will
    • Institute for sustainability in Engineering? Recommend Artists that Cooper can reach out to. Or submit a series of questions.
  10. Sustainability/Environmental Consciousness
    • Form questions around this
    • Setting change through the work to initiate outside change. “Don’t ask, do it”. (3dd parade)
  11. Define Participation
    • How Dynamic could it be?
    • “Cooper students are a part of a give-me culture” -Will
    • Students have to justify a role or participation in committees.
  12. How are Faculty addressing student mental health?
  13. Bring “areas of concern that are critical to your thinking” to committee, it doesn’t just have to be formal questions.
  14. Incorporate an Adjunct and Full-Time faculty orientation to give a base sense to all faculty of facilities available to them and students and introduce them to the history of Cooper.

Take-away goals: talk to classmates about areas of concerns, do a more formal analysis of listings,